About Solano County Genealogical Society

aboutscg1Solano County Genealogical Society Inc. knows the importance of ancestry for every one of us.

We see this notion as:

  • Origin;
  • Heritage;

You may call it using some other words, but the main idea is the same:

It is about who we are and who our relatives were.

Our Mission

Solano County Genealogical Society knows that genealogy is valuable for the community.

The reason is simple:

People have the right to be aware of their past. We give them that right.

Our aims include:

  • To develop the culture of our region;
  • To give any individual the chance to know his or her family tree;
  • To increase the identity of our society by providing the information about the past;
  • To let people know about family past and different historical topics.

Our Values

Our society believes that value of knowing our ancestors is huge. Also, our activities are based on our values.

aboutscg2They are:

  • Every person has the right to know family history;
  • Ancestry is a principal part of the history of Solano County;
  • The knowledge of roots is necessary for well-being. It increases spirituality as well;
  • People learn a lot from the past. That is why genealogy matters.

How Do We Work

Society knows the worth of one’s family heritage.

Thus, it is important to make people familiar with:

  • the way we gather information;
  • what do we do in general.

Here you go:

  • Our society has a collection of different data in library;
  • We have meetings every week.
  • We invite experts to talk about topics;
  • We give information about our history;
  • Our workers always do some family search;
  • We are open to everyone. We are ready to help any individual who wants to know his family history;
  • We use only good methods for searches.

Solano County Genealogical Society is your chance to know the past and appreciate the future.

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