What We Already Know about Ancestry of Solano County

Solano County


Every history is crucial. History of the County is vital to be aware of the past. The past makes the future. That is why we study it.

The County became an official area in 1850. The County was named after the pastor to Peru (1589-1611) St. Francis Solano. Also, it received a name after the Suisun Indian. Francisco Solano took part in the Mission Dolores in 1810. After that in the 1830’s he worked as a head of ex-mission at Sonoma. He received a nickname “Boss Solano”. Solano County was the way between the Bay and the focal valley.

Many pioneers passed our valleys on their way to the Gold Country. The reason was to come back later and to get the wealth of the area. Also, the cause was to put down p roots in California.

Our County was described in a thoughtful manner in the periodical The Solano Historian in 1999. This publication may be regarded as a valuable source of information. Also, this information can be used for the family search. Let us introduce a few facts about the County from this periodical:

  • Our County is unique among other twenty-seven counties in California;
  • Although the County began existing before, it became official only in 1850;
  • Our shared family tree started in 1775. It was the year when Don Jose Canizares became the first person who entered the territory of the modern County;
  • However, Canizares was not the only one. He reported about the new location to Don Carlos de Ayla, his commander;
  • The result was the expedition to the mew lands and the baptizing of the Indian tribe. It was the beginning of the new age in the life of County;
  • As it has been already mentioned, the name of the County is also taken from the name of the leader of the Indian tribe —Chief Solano.

Genealogical societies

what2It is vital to mention that we are not the only one. We value the help of other groups. Otherwise, our genealogy would still be a mystery.

The key aim of all groups is to assist people to find their forefathers. They interpret genealogical and historical information. People may use a family tree to find these data as well. Then, data are saved in the databases of ancestry sites.

A few words about our society

Let us mention a few facts about Solano County Genealogical Society as a part of this group:

  • It was founded in 1981;
  • It is a non-profit organization;
  • The Root Digger Newsletter is a journal of society.

We want to work with other groups. Because of it, we share all information with them.

The Genealogy Society of Vallejo-Benicia

  • It was founded in 1997;
  • It is a non-profit organization as well;
  • The society publishes Taproot – the periodical that is exchanged with other organizations.

Other societies are Solano County Historical Society and Solano Historical Society.

Facts about the Ancestry

    • County is the western portal to the Sacramento Valley. Its southwestern borders are on the Bay locale. And henceforth it has many miles of profound waterfront;
    • John Francisco Armijo was one of the first ancestors of the county in 1839;
    • Families of Vaca and Pena are the second known residents of the county;
    • Starting from 1844, people began building their homes in the county. It was the beginning of the real settlement;
    • The interesting part of county’s ancestry is its Chinese history. Watch this video for more details.

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