What We Already Know about Ancestry of Solano County

Solano County


Every history is crucial. History of the County is vital to be aware of the past. The past makes the future. That is why we study it.

The County became an official area in 1850. The County was named after the pastor to Peru (1589-1611) St. Francis Solano. Also, it received a name after the Suisun Indian. Francisco Solano took part in the Mission Dolores in 1810. After that in the 1830’s he worked as a head of ex-mission at Sonoma. He received a nickname “Boss Solano”. Solano County was the way between the Bay and the focal valley.

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Principles of Genealogy Research — What We Do and How We Do

principles1Genealogy research is a very technical but fun stuff. We know that there are a lot of people out there who are interested in finding who their forefathers are. Still, can you do research on your own?

James Tanner has a worthy article about genealogy. He writes that without following some basic rules, beginners or even professional genealogy research service cannot do the right job.
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Making Your Family Tree — Solano County’s Sources for Research

making1Almost all the people in the world have a desire to determine their ancestry. Who doesn’t want to know how their forebears looked like! That is the reason why most people are obsessed with their family tree. Many folks want a tree that would cover an entire wall of their house.

However, most of them don’t keep written records of their origin. In some cases, the surname has been changed so many times in the past that the line of descent becomes lost. There are several genealogy websites over the internet, but they are not quite informative enough. You can find a few of those websites here. After conducting a fruitless family search over the internet, you may just lose heart.

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