Making Your Family Tree — Solano County’s Sources for Research

making1Almost all the people in the world have a desire to determine their ancestry. Who doesn’t want to know how their forebears looked like! That is the reason why most people are obsessed with their family tree. Many folks want a tree that would cover an entire wall of their house.

However, most of them don’t keep written records of their origin. In some cases, the surname has been changed so many times in the past that the line of descent becomes lost. There are several genealogy websites over the internet, but they are not quite informative enough. You can find a few of those websites here. After conducting a fruitless family search over the internet, you may just lose heart.

Don’t let your excitement go out just yet. It is important to know your local history before venturing to find your ancestors. Solano County’s sources for research are rich. Our library contains the lineage of even the rarest family names in the county. A few of the features of our library are,

    • Our family tree library contains over 3000 volumes, two microfiche readers, two microfilm readers, a computer, along with 60 CDs on human ancestry.
    • The library’s card index consists of over 180000 references on the events happening in the lives of Solano County citizens.
    • The information is stored in a systematic way. We can help you lay your finger on the required piece of information.
    • We update our records from time to time. We have maintained them well for a time long past.
    • We boast of detailed records of families residing in Solano County. Almost every family in the county has been accounted for in our research. The ancestral origin of each family has been verified by experts.
    • We also keep our international family library up to date. Our international collections include ‘Encyclopedia of Quaker Genealogy’ by Hinshaw and ‘The Famine Immigrants’ by Glazier.
    • We provide family tree ideas whenever required. Our tips will certainly help you to expand the knowledge about your family history as much as possible.making2
    • Our library has several contributors. Many people donate their family books and CDs. A few others volunteer for research.
    • Do you wish to know about someone’s birth, marriage, or will? We have it all and then some. Also, watch this video for more information about the family tree.

  • We have compiled a long list of CDs, a few of which are,
  1. Colonial America
  2. Census Indexes
  3. Civil War Union Soldiers Roll of Honor
  4. Marriage records
  • We conduct regular meetings to discuss the advancement of our research sources. Our brainstorming sessions always throw up a solution to any problem.
  • Our website allows you to search for surnames on a map as well. Thus, you can determine your family history along with its territorial origins. You can also point out other families and their places of residence.
  • Our newspapers are filled with information on local and international genealogy.
  • If you face any problems while browsing through our library, then you can directly consult the receptionist on the help desk. If the problem persists, then you can always reach out to us through the phone numbers provided on our website.
  • Our customer service department knows how to handle all types of inquiries. We also attend to inquiries over email.

We have toiled day and night for gathering the required information. This has made Solano County’s library one of the most comprehensive genealogical libraries ever constructed.

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