Ignoring Past Leads to No Future or Why is Genealogy Important?

nopast1Genealogy refers to the idea of knowing all your family members. It sounds very attractive.

Still, after the initial excitement, people become not so willing to know a family history.

What is the reason?

I have the answer — wrong understanding of pedigree and its pluses.

What is Genealogy?

This term comes from the Greek word “genea” (generation) and “logos” (knowledge). This science studies the history of families.

Many people think that it may help you to know the names of your great grandfathers.

Not very impressive, in fact.

However, family history refers not only to names but also:

  • Places;
  • Given names;
  • Occupations;

Types of Information

A genealogist may give you different kinds of traces about your family.

Some of them are:

  • Information about birth, death, marriage, and divorce;
  • Biographies;
  • Personal notes;
  • Passports or other documents;
  • Oral stories.

The list is not full. Though, it’s helpful for the general view about the science.

Family Search Process

The process of the search of the family is long and arduous. The genealogist has to use only good sources. Otherwise, the research, according to custom-writing.org, cannot be well-done.

Research may include:nopast2

  • Gathering of family records;
  • Usage of historical sources for findings connections;
  • Gathering of direct and indirect evidence;
  • Genetic analysis. It is useful when one wants to find biological parents, in particular;
  • There are different types of genealogical software with a lot of information. It can collect data that are connected to one family;
  • Genealogy websites. Some platforms help genealogists share available information online. Also, it is possible to make family trees online.

What Can You Do?

Actually, you are the person who starts the research. Your desire and intentions matter.

There are some things you should do before doing genealogy research:

  • Think about family members that are alive now;
  • Gather information about places of birth, work, and living;
  • Ask them to tell you about their parents and grandparents;
  • Congrats, you are done!

You are ready for the next part of your journey. Let specialists do it for you.

Also, check this great video about family story research.

Why Do You Need It?

This is, probably, the most interesting and important part. Why do you actually need to know your family search?

Some may say that it’s a simple interest. However, only interest is often not enough for finishing an excellent research. In the end, you may think:

“Do I need to do it for a couple of names?”

But it’s not only about a couple of names.

It’s time to know the importance of knowing family tree:

  • To prove or disprove stories you know about the family. Your mom always told your great grandpa was a famous doctor. Find out if it is true!
  • It can be crucial for solving serious matters. For example, to prove biological paternity or maternity;
  • The adopted person may want to find biological parents thanks to genealogic methods;
  • Records of death may be useful to learn about illnesses spread in your family. It is a method of proper protection for you and your children;
  • Sometimes, proving that somebody is your relative is necessary for getting a particular benefit. For example, you may need to show that you are a part of someone’s family to have the right for lands or buildings;
  • To find famous members of family;
  • To know specific features of your family history.
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