Top Must Know Facts About Solano County

scg3The Origin of the Name
Chief Solano was the chief of the Suisun tribes. They lived in the area of county, between the Petaluma and Sacramento Rivers. When Chief Solano was born, his name was Sem-Yeto.

The Spanish army killed most of Sem-Yeto’s tribe when he was a boy. The Spanish missionaries rescued him and he grew up with them at the Catholic mission. He was baptized, and his Christian name became Solano. It was the same as the Spanish missionary Francisco Solano.

The name Sem-Yeto means “brave hand”. Chief Solano was brave and helped General Vallejo as he traveled in the area. On February 18, 1850, General Vallejo founded county. He chose that name to honor the Suisun chief.

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Geography of the County

  • The total area of the county is 906 square miles (2,350 square kilometers).
  • Almost ten percent of the county is made up of water: a total of 84 square miles (220 square kilometers).
  • The land area is 822 square miles (2,130 square kilometers).
  • The highest mountain is Mount Vaca, which stands at 2,822 feet (860 meters) high.
  • The county is in San Francisco Bay Area. The city of San Francisco is to the Southwest. Sacramento is to the Northwest.

Cities in Solano County

  • There are 424,788 people in county.
  • Vallejo has the most people.
  • The county seat is Fairfield. It also has the largest area.
  • Other cities are Vacaville, Benicia, Suisun City, Rio Vista and Rockville.

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Solano County Library

scg4There are eight branches of the Solano Library, open to all Solano residents. The library has online catalog and databases. Many services include:

  • children’s reading programs and homework help
  • training in how to use computers (for all ages)
  • groups to discuss books
  • talks about current topics.

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Solano County Sheriff

There are two Sheriffs. Commander Denton Autry is in charge of the Custody Division. Commander Brad Dewall is the head of the Public Safety Division. These Sheriffs started in December 2015. They were lieutenants in the county before that.

Although the Office of the County Sheriffs is at Fairfield, the two men are in charge of about one hundred officers stationed throughout the county. These range from deputies and court officers to marine patrol and animal control officers.

Solano County California

This is a vibrant and cultural county. There are numerous festivals, events, and activities for people who have many interests and backgrounds. These recent clips showcase some of these.

Other places in the county which are interesting to visit include vineyards and wineries, areas for fishing and walking, amusement parks and wildlife areas.
There are 28 locations listed on the National Register of Historic Places. These include the Benicia Arsenal and Barracks, used in the Civil War. The first U.S. Naval Station in the Pacific, at Mare Island in Vallejo, is also listed.

Solano County Recorder

The office of the county Recorder is in Fairfield. Marc Tonnesen is the current elected county recorder. He provides certified copies of vital records: birth, death and marriage certificates.

County Records

The office is open Monday through Friday. Its hours are from 8:30 am to 4:00 pm. Residents can get copies of vital records for between $17 and $30. Visit this website for further, more detailed information:

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