How to use data from the Solano County Genealogical Society?

scg5Solano County Genealogical Society favors the legal usage of provided materials. We know that it may be helpful for somebody, and we have nothing against it. For instance, if you pay someone write your paper about genealogy, you may want to use information from our databases.

Still, some regulations exist.

We have decided to create an informative page for those who would like to use some of the materials provided on our website.

The Easiest Way

Our society believes that respect for the rights of others should be a priority in online communication.

We do not want to make things complicated. That is why everyone is allowed to use information provided on our website under the following terms:

  • You may use pieces of content from the site;
  • You have to provide a link to our website.

That’s it. Nothing challenging and arduous.

The Other Way

However, sometimes people may need more information for many purposes. For example:

  • To use our data for personal research of ancestry tree;
  • To use some findings published in our periodicals;
  • To include information in other surveys.

There may be many other reasons.

Here’s the deal:

You should get official permission from our society to use materials in one of these (or any others) forms.

Copyright Law and Wrong Ideas

We have not made up these rules just because we want to do so. That is why you should be familiar with the following information. It is about the copyright laws and how are they connected to the usage of materials from our and other genealogy websites.

What many people think:

  • I can use anything from the Internet;
  • The Internet is for public. That is why I can use it when I need it;
  • Copyright law works only with published materials or those with particular notice.

All of this is wrong.

            What is the reality:

  • Law is the same for electronic materials as for published ones;
  • All electronic data are protected under the copyright law;
  • No publication or notice are required to protect the material.

Watch this video for more information about copyright law.

Fair Use of Materials
scg6As we have already mentioned, you have the right to use pieces of materials (such as ancestry records) from our website if you mention the source.

This is also called the fair use of protected materials.

Here are a few words about the fair use.

  • It means the limited use. In other words, you can mention it in a form of comment or something similar;
  • It is your protection against being sued for copyright infringement;
  • You can use materials for criticism or commentary;
  • Also, it can be utilized for parody. However, our genealogical society does not think it is relevant for our materials.

How to Get Permission?

You know that you need some materials for the genealogy search, for example. This type of usage does not belong to the category of fair use.

You have two variants now:

Some suggestions about the format:

  • Be precise and clear. Professionals at recommend following strict formatting type for getting permission;
  • Do not use unusual fonts, too large or small letters;
  • Neutral language is preferred;
  • Check for grammar and punctuation mistakes.

Some suggestions about the content:

  • Explain why do you need materials;
  • What information do you need exactly?
  • Where will our materials be used?

And do not worry. We are happy to help everyone.

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